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Aunt Matha Letter 2

April 20, 2013


Oct. 9th, 1925

Dear Laura,

We live right by battle town creek. I remember of seeing a circus going by one day whentheElephant got to the bridg he was afraid to step on it he would put one foot down so careful then the other. the bridge was made of logs laid down one by one side of the other across the marsh and the creek it was called corduroy bridge. I saw the white bear and some other animals. I though the elephant was so great. The stage would go be come to a mud hole and over she goes then those that in it would come in the house and stay till  they got fixed up again then they went. we sure had a little excitement in those days of old. 

We used to get out of flour and then it was bad we got out and Mother did not have any money to buy any. as luck would have it a man came along with a load of flour in barrel he was going to Milwaukee he was from Waterloo Wis. and he let mother have a barrel and trusted her for it she paid him for it in time it was happy time to have flour again I though that man was just Grand to do so h was a perfect stranger to her there was good many things that happen to make a book out of if take as it passed.

We had Meetings and Sunday school but thy were held in the log school house of old days ago they would yoke up the oxen and we would take a ride to church… that was the way to go sometime they would hitch to the cart and go a visiting then the linch pin cam out and the tokes out back of the cart all in  a bunch… then some of the church members would complain if they found any on working on Sunday. 

More excitement for th people of those days I think today they would not have to look far to find worker on Sunday.

Mother used to made a blue berry cake that we thought very nice but I have forgotten how she made it.

Cottage Cheese Pie:

take 2 cups of cheese and half of milk 2 eggs save the white of one egg to put on top beat the egg then put the cheese in and beat it put the milk and two tablespoons of sugar I guess that is right.

We did not have much to do with in those days. but after Mother was married and my stepfather go around after his sickness he got some one or two cows a hog or two then we began to live better I do not wonder.

that your Dear Mother and My Dear Sister did not like to talk about it. it made ones heart ache too. did your Mother ever tell you what we used to have for diner for school Mother took corn meal put little salt then pour boiling water on it then make little patty cake and fry them that was all

we had for while do you wonder that  your Mother did not like to talk about such things. 

they say to for get the past but I do not see how they can t come to me worse than ever for I remember when we were coming to concord I thought the trees were walking instead of us going and I remember when the folks came from Milwaukee to tell us about father I can see them getting out of the wagon they were dress in black Grandma Aunt  Margaret and Uncle Elisha I don’t remember if there was any more. I was not 3 till Nov. 6th.

Martha just said she had read a story by Rose in the country Gentlemen she said it was fine.

I hope you and your husband are well and enjoying life in this fine world of ours if only the people were more right. Rose we will remember when you were at our home so long ago hope you are enjoying life with us too and happiness and pleasure.

Laura I often think of Mary since her Mother left her and what is going to do she write in our circular she seem to be cheerful and happy.

Will you please write and let me know if you get all of my writings not 1-2 and the last one this one….

I guess this willfinsh but hop you can make something out of I never could tell any one else what to write. Ifyou want to ask  any more questions do so. w all send our love and best wishes to one and all so goodbye.

from YOur  Aunt Mother.


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